How do I connect a beerdispenser without CO2?



Step 1: Preparing

Put all the stuff ready and put the keg firmly on the ground so it can not topple over.

Step 2: Connecting pressure hose to beerdispenser

Take the two tubes and place the beer tube (with the orange stripe) on the keg. The pressure tube (with the blue stripe) can be connected directly to the pressure outlet at the side of the beerdispenser with the help of a John Guest coupler.

Step 3: Placing the keg coupler

Place the keg coupler on the keg.

Step 4: Connecting the beer tube

Turn John Guest coupler with the beer tube on the keg coupler. This is to be done on top of the keg coupler.

Step 5: Connect pressure tube to keg coupler

Connect the pressure tube to the keg coupler. The pressure tube must connected at the side of keg coupler.

Step 6: Beer tube to beer dispenser

Take the beer dispenser and connect the beer tube to the back of the dispenser.

Step 7: Bucket

Place the driptray in front of the beer dispenser and put the bucket on top of it.

Step 8: connecting the keg coupler

Push the handle of the keg coupler down to connect it to the keg.

Step 9: Draining

Drain the beerdispenser. This means that you open the dispense the tap and wait until beer comes out. If you don't take this step and swith the beer dispenser on immediately the coil in the beer dispenser may freeze because of moisture in the air.

Step 10: Connecting the dispenser

Switch on the dispenser. You should hear the air compressor switching on.

Step 11: Set the thermostat

With the thermostat you can set the temperature of your beer. If you have to pour a lot of beer in succession you can adjust the temperature and set it slightly lower than when you need to pour an occasional beer.

Step 12: Set Compensator tap

Set the compensator tap to the desired flow rate of the beer. The compensator tap can be found at side of the dispense tap.

Step 13: Changing a keg

If the keg is empty, remove the keg coupler by pulling up the handle. Swap the keg and connect the keg coupler again.

Step 14: Tip

When you are finished for the day make sure you switch off the cooler.

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