Cleaning and maintaining your driptray or sink

To keep your product in optimum condition, we have some tips for you. Proper care of the product begins with the use of proper cleaningmaterials.

Tips for proper maintenance of your driptray or sink

  • Always treat the surface with a soft cloth;
  • For cleaning you should use warm water with a dash of liquid soap;
  • The use of abrasive agents may damage the surface. so avoid this at any time;
  • Dry the surface, especially after using hard water;
  • Always use cleaning products that are suitable for stainless steel products.

Tip for when your driptray or sink is been exposed to a harmful substance

In this case clean your driptray or sink immediately with tap water

Prevent your driptray or sink from getting in to contact with one of the following materials:

  • Chlorine or chlorine-containing cleaning products;
  • Hydrochloric acid (often present in detergents for tiles);
  • Regeneration salt and lime removers;
  • Silver and brass polish;
  • Drain unblocking.