Water bath coolers

Lindr beer coolers type water bath cooler

Water bath coolers are suitable for building in to a bar. We have two different types of water bath coolers on our webshop. The AS water coolers, these are the conventional water bath coolers. You fill the basin with water and connect it. After about 1.5 hours you can pour your first chilled beverage. We also have CWP (Contact Water Power) coolers. These are hybrid coolers. This cooler should also be filled with water, although the water basin is significantly smaller than that of an AS cooler. The CWP cooler also has a cooling block next to the water basin, which can also be found in the dry coolers of Lindr. This combination makes it possible to pour a cooled beer within 8-10 minutes after connecting a CWP cooler. Because the CWP cooler have a smaller water tank, they are more user friendly in comparison to a water cooler when it comes to mobile use.

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