Second chance Pygmy 25/K

✓ Second hand beer dispenser Pygmy 25/K
✓ New beer dispenser without original packaging
✓ Ideal beer dispenser for small groups
✓ Also very suited as mobile beer dispenser
✓ Good for 50 to 60 chilled beers per hour

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Second hand Pygmy 25/K

Second hand Pygmy 25/K with a 2021 year of manufacture. This beer dispenser works perfectly and is tested by us. This Second hand Pygmy 25/K will be delivered with 18 months warranty.

Lindr Pygmy 25/K

The Lindr Pygmy 25/K is a small but powerfull beer dispenser with a built-in air compressor. The maximum cooling capacity of the Pygmy 25/K is 30 litres an hour and is therefor very suited for small groups serving you 50 to 60 chilled beers per hour. The built in air compressor makes it possible to pour beer using air pressure instead of CO2. Using Air instead of CO2 has its advantages and disadvantages. Read all about it in our blog.

Because of the small dimensions, light weight and the built-in air compressor the Lindr Pygmy 25/K is very suited to be used as a mobile beer dispenser.

Complete your refurbished beer dispenser

If you immediatly want to receive everything you need to start pouring beer you can use the dropdownmenu to order a complete tap and cleaning set. This will contain everything you need to connect the Pygmy 25/K to a beer keg and clean the beer dispenser after use. Using the dropdownmenu you can select the type of keg coupler you need and we will complete the beer dispenser for you. An overview on the types of keg couplers can be found on this page in our knowledge centre..

A complete tap and cleaning set consists out of:

  • Keg coupler of your choice
  • 1x beer tube with required John Guest coupler
  • 1x pressure tube with required John Guest coupler
  • 1x cleaning adapter
  • 5x cleaning sponges for the beer dispenser
  • Cleaning brush for the dispense tap
  • Beer dispenser cleaning detergent

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