Mobile bar to open up

✓ Mobile Bar
✓ Stailnless Steel
✓ Provided with trespa boards
✓ Fully compile to own wishes
✓ The price shown is from price!

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Buying a Mobile bar that opens up

The bar opens up and extends from 1 meter to 2 meter. Multi functional and practical. This mobile bar is made from stainless steel and provided with wheels at the corners. 

Configure the mobile bar

This mobile bar is completely configurable to your own wishes. You can configure the mobile bar with the three dropdown menu's. 

  1. In the first dropdown menu you can choose for the type of beer cooler. The two models of beer coolers are complete with 2-way pressure reducer, 2 keg couplers, tubes and fittings and a cleaning kit
  2. In the second dropdown menu you can choose the colour of the dispense tower
  3. In the third dropdown menu you can choose if you want us to assemble the bar. If you choose the option "geen afmontage" which means no assembling you receive the mobile bar, the chiller and the dispense tower and you need to assemble it all by yourself 

Customization options

On special request this mobile bar can be customised to your wishes. You can also get another type of beer cooler and dispense tower if you want so. These customization options have an influence on the price. Please contact us for a price offer if you have special requests for your mobile bar.

Note:The mobile bar can be picked up at our location in Bunnik. The bar can also be delivered. For delivery we calculate shipping costs based on your location.