Cleaning machine SP80

✓ Cleaning machine Lindr SP 80
✓ Cleaning based on water pressure and air vibration
✓ Easy and professional cleaning of your beer dispenser
✓ Easily cleaning from beer taps and beer dispensing installations

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Cleaning machine for beercooler

The Lindr cleaning machine SP 80 is for purifying the beverage tubes by the water pressure and the air vibration. With this cleaning machine it is very easy to flush and clean your beer dispense installation. The cleaning machine cleans the beer dispenser by making use of water, cleaning chemical and air vibration. This in combination with sanitation balls guarantees that rests of beer in the beer tubes all disappear. 

Connecting the Lindr SP 80 cleaning machine

The Lindr SP 80 cleaning machine is easy to connect with the use of John Guest fittings. To connect to the water installation there is a 12,7 mm (1/2") tube connection at the back of the cleaning machine. Via the drop down menu you can easily order tubes, fittings and cleaning brushes.